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As we continue our run of news regarding the Boston hip-hop scene, it would be misguided if we did not highlight a roundtable discussion that took place a few weeks ago which detailed that very topic. The College Blueprint show of Boston University’s WTBU radio brought together a qualified group of Boston hip-hop figures to discuss how the genre has progressed in the city and what needs to be done in order for it to thrive in the future. Including the likes of Dart Adams, Dharmic X, Guillermo Antonini, Avenue, Bedlam of Showoff Records and Lindsey Gamble of HITPMusic, the lengthy conversation is a must listen for local rap enthusiasts. A wide variety of topics are covered with the strong opinions of these bloggers/artists/label reps being featured, which makes for an entertaining/informative discussion.



Since we are based out of the Boston area, we feel that it is important here at Hip To The Game to promote Boston hip-hop whenever we get the chance. One rapper that has had great success in the underground rap scene and has always represented Boston strongly is Reks. Ever since we heard his Grey Hairs project back in 2008, we have always kept tabs on the emcee from Lawrence, Massachusetts. Reks is fresh off the release of his album Revolution Cocktail and stopped by The College Blueprint radio show (that is broadcasted on Boston University’s student radio station) to talk about the project, what it was like working with DJ Premier for the first time, as well as Boston hip-hop in general.  (more…)