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Even though he has not received a good amount of national attention, Crooked I remains as one of the fiercest emcees in the rap game with his aggressive flow and top notch lyrical ability being a strong one-two punch. The Slaughterhouse member has not lost a step and provides an exclusive gem to the latest mixtape of DJ Whoo Kid, DJ Skee, and DJ MLK. While many of the songs from the SXEW Volume 2 project had already been released, “Not For The Weak Minded” is a unheard collaboration between Crooked I and female rapper/singer Snow Tha Product. Crooked I’s performance is impressive to say the least as he raps with ultimate confidence over the minimalist production, which allows his jam-packed verses to shine. Snow Tha Product does her thing as well and the fact she isn’t blown out of the water in comparison to Crooked I is an accomplish within itself.  (more…)


While Slaughtherhouse was pretty quiet as a group in 2013, it looks like they are gearing up for a big 2014 as they just announced they will be going on tour to start off the year. With the news, the group released this track “Party” co-produced by Just Blaze and Cardiak to give the fans something to look forward to. The song features the four lyricists getting aggressive over heavy guitar rifts and it appears to be a promotional single for their upcoming third album together. (more…)