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It is well known that rapper/singer Future has a knack for making catchy hooks and melodies, which is a big reason why the Atlanta artist has reached such a high level of prominence in the past few years. During a performance at SXSW a few weeks back, Future decided to perform an unreleased track titled “Good Morning” that sounded extremely similar to Beyonce’s smash hit “Drunk In Love”. Well it turns out that Future had a heavy hand in the creation of the track as “Good Morning” seems to be a reference track that Beyonce used for her monster single. Producer Detail is responsible for both songs, so it seem that “Good Morning” got pushed to the side for Future once the music world took notice when Beyonce dropped her ‘secret’ album late last year. While “Good Morning” may have become a successful single for Future, there is no doubt that the song reached its full potential with Beyonce and Future should be happy with those royalty checks. Future discussed the origins of “Good Morning” in multiple interview’s upon the release of the song and he gives us an insightful look into the making of the record, which will not appear on his upcoming album Honest(more…)


When Beyonce dropped her surprise album at the end of last year, the Jay Z featured “Drunk In Love” became an instant hit on the radio and in the clubs. A number of remixes followed the release of the song, but it took Valentine’s Day weekend to bring out the best of the best. Kanye West kicked things off with his provocative version of the track that is directed toward his fiancee Kim Kardashian and features Mike Dean switching up the drums on the beat. Electronic DJ/producer Diplo also released his interpretation of “Drunk In Love” giving the song more of a “rave” feel to it adding dub-step/electronic elements to the production. While both of these remixes were impressive in their own way, the artist who has come through with a standout version of “Drunk In Love” is The Weeknd. Despite the news of a Ty Dolla $ign remix of “Or Nah” and a placement on Rick Ross’s upcoming Mastermind album, The Weeknd had not released any solo material since his Kissland album from last fall. Needless to say, fans of the elusive Toronto singer rejoiced as The Weeknd celebrated his 24th birthday by releasing this present.  (more…)