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We recently highlighted how one of the best rap groups of all time in De La Soul had big plans in the works for 2014. With three projects being set for release this year, De La Soul has officially unveiled one-third of the equation in their Smell The D.A.I.S.Y. mixtape, which is filled with an entire set of previously unheard J Dilla beats. De La Soul and J Dilla had deep history together with their Native Tongues connection, so it is great to get the chance to hear the legendary trio rock over Dilla production in 2014. One of the more raw cuts off the project is the track “Vocabulary Skills” which pays homage to the classic lines by Nas. The group put out the song in preperation for the highly anticipated mixtape and we can now listen to the full project! The track has a all too familiar Dilla knock to it and the rhymes of De La Soul sound sharp as ever. (more…)


The legendary group De La Soul recently celebrated the 25th anniversary of their classic debut album 3 Feet High And Rising. With that milestone in mind, the group unveiled their newest track “Dilla Plugged In”, which pays homage to the late great producer J Dilla from Detroit. Fittingly enough, the song features a signature Dilla beat that sounds fresh as ever despite the fact it was probably made over ten years ago. “Dilla Plugged In” will be featured on De La Soul’s upcoming mixtape Smell The DA.I.S.Y., which will included a full set of J Dilla production. The commemorative track has a nostalgic feel to it and of course De La Soul serves up the proper lyrical treatment. (more…)

The tributes to J Dilla have been plentiful the past week, and Phife Dawg of A Tribe Called Quest has joined in the honoring of the late great producer. A couple of weeks ago Phife Dawg released the audio of his newest single titled “Dear Dilla”, a personal letter of sorts that features Phife speaking directly to his departed friend. We now have the visuals for the song and they are certainly a fitting addition as the video was filmed in Dilla’s hometown of Detroit. From a Ma Dukes appearances to Phife Dawg being tempted by a ‘Dilla Donut’, the visuals live up to the powerful meaning behind “Dear Dilla” and they properly honor his legacy.  (more…)

With last week marking what would have been J Dilla’s 40th birthday, legendary DJ J Rocc is continuing to celebrate the legacy of the late great producer with a set of mash-ups/blends. J Rocc has marked these blends as ‘Dil Jackson’ combining the works of two mega-talented musicians in J Dilla and Michael Jackson, each of whom lost their life way too early. This hybrid of musical genius from these two legends is one of a kind as J Rocc takes the vocals of MJ and puts them over some familiar J Dilla instrumentals. The results are successful as one would expect, and while we normally do not promote mash-ups/blends…these are most definitely worth a listen.  (more…)

Last Friday (February 7th) marked what would have been the late great J Dilla’s 40th birthday and with it came an honoring of his legacy as one of hip-hop’s most talented producers of all time. His old group Slum Village celebrated the day accordingly and released a new single “Yes Yes” that is produced by none other than the legendary J Dilla himself. As diehard fans know, the Yancy family still has numerous unreleased beats from Dilla in the vault and they pulled one out for this new track. Members of Slum Village (Illa J, T3, Young RJ) all come through with solid verses and “Yes Yes” is just another reminder of why J Dilla is truly one of the best producers in hip-hop history.  (more…)

Madlib is one of the most respected producers in hip-hop for his instrumental work and projects with the likes of MF Doom and J Dilla. From creating classic records for artists such as Mos Def and Erykah Badu to his distinct solo catalogue under the alias names Quasimoto and the Beat Konducta, Madlib has proven himself to be of a rare breed when it comes to his overall music prowess. His approach to sampling has influenced a multitude of respected artists (ex. Flying Lotus) and his output of material is staggering, even if he have not heard most of it. The folks over at Dazed Digital were able to have a Q&A session with the normally evasive producer and the interview was an insightful one.  (more…)

Pardon my absence the past day or so was busy with birthday celebrations, but we have a lot to catch up on. One of many musical gifts we received this week was a digital stream of the previously vinyl-only album “Dillatroit” by none other than the late great producer J Dilla. Dilla passed away at the young age of 32 and left behind a highly respected legacy as one of the most hardworking and best producers to ever live.

Because Dilla was a studio rat, year after year we seem to be blessed with unreleased beats and this project is a compilation that includes many of these gems. “Dillatroit” was officially released by Ma Dukes (J Dilla’s mother) and the Yancy Media Group last year in vinyl only, so it was extremely hard to come by.

While there isn’t that much rapping on the album, these instrumentals are music to the ears of J Dilla fans around the world and the guest appearances stay true to the Dilla sound; unlike some posthumous projects that are made simply to make money off the death of the artists. We have continued to get great music from Illa J (J Dilla’s brother) and Frank Nitt, most recently on the Yancey Boys Sunset Blvd. album that fully consisted of J Dilla production. Nevertheless, we are extremely happy that Dillatroit has been made available for digital stream as this project flows more like a classic Dilla tape.

Click here to stream to Dillatriot and you can support by buying it on Amazon. If you are craving more J Dilla beats afterwards, listen below to the Yancey Boys Sunset Blvd that came out this year.