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We only recently stumbled upon the work of NY hip-hop group RATKING, and so far we have been intrigued by the experimental yet grimy style of the trio. Another artist who has showcased a similar kind of youthful, hardcore energy is King Krule, who’s music can fall under a number of genres including punk, hip-hop, and jazz. Therefore, it makes sense that a collaboration would occur for this group of uniquely talented emcees and RATKING has unveiled the music video for the track titled “So Sick Stories”, a single from the group’s upcoming debut album So It Goes. The song is a vivid depiction of inner city life and each emcee sounds at home over the ruggedly atmospheric production provided by Sporting Life. King Krule does a superb job on the chorus as he effortlessly switches between crooning and rapping his lyrics that bring the track to life. “So Sick Stories” is definitely different and not for all audiences, but we love hearing genuine hip-hop that strays from the norm. RATKING and King Krule absolutely represent that sentiment and we hope they continue to creatively push boundaries with their music. (more…)